Wellness Coaching


    Irene Adams is a Certified Wellness Coach who educates and supports people to live a healthy balanced life through lasting lifestyle changes with a holistic approach. Wellness encompasses eight interdependent dimensions; mental, emotional, social, physical, vocational, financial, environmental and spiritual well-being. Irene is passionate about sharing her knowledge to support others through a transformative journey to create a life balance that prioritizes their overall well-being for optimal wellness.

  • How Coaching Works!

    Coaching happens through a conversation. The foundation of the Coach-Client relationship is built on trust. Both parties must feel comfortable to speak freely and with the security of complete confidentiality, which Irene ethically abides by as a Member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation- Professional Coaching Association).

    Coaching is a journey about becoming the best version of yourself. It's about fostering the development of healthy habits, new skills, improved performance and creating lifestyle changes that will enhance or completely change your life. Irene is steadfast about helping people uncover unhelpful thinking and patterns holding them back and supporting them to acquire the mindset, skills, strategies and habits so they can achieve their desired goal(s).

    Irene provides you with a safe space at our clinics in Ajax, Courtice and Bowmanville. Through powerful conversations, she will discuss your goal(s) with you, thereby creating and/or enhancing self-awareness and clarity within you. She will support you and encourage goal setting, planning and action, and provide you with valuable feedback.

    Prior to and in addition to coaching, Irene has over 25 years experience in the legal profession, complimented by superior expertise in client relations. With her personal and professional experience, she has joined our clinics to help you on your journey!

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